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Tutoring For Young Learners

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Inspire Early Learning and Achieve Your Goals

KidPass Tutors By Begin is a top-rated program that specializes in tutoring for ages 3 to 13+. We offer personalized 1:1 instruction with experienced educators. Our expert tutors will prepare your child for success in school, develop core skills, and foster a love of learning. Get started today with a free consultation to determine your child's needs and get matched with the perfect tutor.

Advance Your Child's Learning Journey

Personalized Instruction

One-to-one sessions with an experienced tutor and customized learning plan

Convenient Scheduling

Flexible scheduling and seamless communication for parents and tutors

Proven Results

Achieve your child's learning goals and foster a lifelong love of learning

Parents Love Us!

5 star rating
“Before starting my KidPass Tutors package, I was helping my daughter with her homework every day. Now, not only is she having an easier time completing her homework (and getting better grades!), but she’s also becoming a better reader!”
Parent to 10-year-old
5 star rating
“My daughter is 4 years old and we wanted to prepare her for starting kindergarten in the fall. After a couple of months with KidPass Tutors, she is already comfortable with a lot of reading and counting skills, which is a massive source of help and comfort for us as parents.”
Parent to 4-year-old

Experts in Early Learning Subjects

School Readiness

Foster academic confidence and build important social-emotional skills


Decode the puzzle of sounds, letters, and words


Sharpen comprehension and fluency skills to read above grade level


Lay down building blocks for loving math and feeling confident about numbers


Develop lifelong language and communication skills


Build writing skills and develop a passion for creative storytelling

Learn From Experienced and Caring Educators

We find the perfect tutor for your child's unique learning style and to motivate them to succeed in and out of the classroom. We choose only the most qualified educators through rigorous certifications screening, interviews, and custom-matching.


Math, reading, science
K-12 teacher with 10+ years of teaching experience and a Masters in Elementary Education


Math, reading, Spanish
Elementary school teacher with 5+ years of experience, including online learning


Reading, math, French, test prep
K-12 teacher and education researcher with a Master’s degree from Columbia

Innovative Learning Platform

  • Easy-to-use dashboard for flexible scheduling
  • Seamless communication tools for parents and tutors
  • Integrated solution for collaboration and engagement

Award-Winning Tutoring Program

  • Experienced tutors for all subjects and grade levels
  • Personalized, adaptive learning plan for every child
  • Continuous feedback on your child’s progress

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

KidPass Tutors By Begin is built on a thriving community of happy learners and expert tutors. We work hard to match learners with the best tutors. If for some reason your child needs to be rematched with a new tutor, we’ll work with you to find the right tutor for your child’s needs. We proudly stand by our service, and we are certain that you’ll be satisfied with your experience.

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